I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Friday, 28 June 2013

The storm

Well it all started like all storms start: with rain and lots of it. Then came the wind, a wind that cold knock you over and sounded like a monster. Then things started to get frustrating the power went out when we were watching TV but luckily we had the fire going so we kept warm by huddling by the fire. When I went to bed I could see my breath and I had two duvets and another blanket. 

In the morning we still had no power and school was closed so was Tawa collage so I went to my cousins house but they didn't have power ether so we went to my Granddads and warmed up while my Mum went to work.

We just went back and forth until my Mum came home and we had power again.      

Thursday, 20 June 2013

writing sample

The day things started disappearing

In a small town on the border of India strange things were a usual happening. Every now and then things would go missing like a sheep or a cow. But when Osama, a loving father, husband and hard worker went missing well lets just say the the town freaked out.
Ten years later
Osama's son, his name was Kerpal. Now Kerpal had light brown hair much like his fathers his face was always burnt due to the fact that he loved the outdoors and his family was not at all wealthy. He was rather short and skinny but not so that he looked like a beggar. His nose was slightly bent inwards as a consequence to too many fights his eyes were the colour of the sea on a stormy day which seemed very weird since neither his Mum nor Dad had the same colour eyes.

Kerpal was always curious about his Dad's disappearance he was always asking his mother about it but he always got the same answer: 'I wish I knew Kerpal but no one does'. One day Kerpal was on his way home from school and was walking with his friend Pauhoot when they saw a man in a black hood running down the street with a baby in his arms. there was a woman standing in the street crying and shouting. The boys didn't know what to do. Could just let the man get away? Or would they help the woman to get her baby back? They knew what had to be done they ran out onto the street in front of the man. Kerpal tried on his brave face and tried to think of something to say that seemed intimidating but all he could say was 'stop?' The man stopped and stood there for a second then he just laughed and pulled something out of his pocket  it seemed to be some kind of can but then the man dropped it and the can erupted with smoke and the man bolted down the street to the right. Kerpal and Pauhoot couldn't give up now so they ran after him. The man was but the boys were faster. They nearly had him but he jumped a fence into the forest. Kerpal's dad had always never to go into the forest but he never said why...  
to be continued?          

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Sports commity trials

Sports commity, the people in sports commity set up P.E, run warm ups and ref interclass sports like dodge ball, foot ball and nukem ball. You can't just ask to be in sports commity, there are three steps to getting into sports commity. First you have to give a thirty second speech in front of the class and they vote for the person they think should be in sports commity and the three people with the most votes go through to the next stage. Now this next step involves lots of physical activity, the leader of the sports commity (Mrs Goldfinch) gives you a minute to get into a group of four and in that group you need to pair up in twos and your pairs take turns doing exercises given by Mrs Goldfinch witch vary from push-ups and sit-ups to sprints and two foot jumps. Now this is how my day happened. 

It all started as a simple morning, I made lunch, had breakfast, brushed my teeth and went to school, we had the votes the day before I didn't think I had a chance. When I got to school Stephanie announced the three that were going through to the sports commity trials Ethan, (not surprising) Giorgi, (that was coming) and me (I did not expect that!). Well the three of us got into our P.E gear and went up to the top field. I paired up with Ethan and Giorgi paired up with one of her friends from another syndicate and we were four. Ethan and I went first, we had to as many push-ups as we could in one minute and the others watched then we swapped. The next exercise was sit-ups and we did the same with that and we did five minutes of each. Then we did something like a relay, we had to do a few meters of spider crawls (witch is when you go on your hands and feet and crawl as low to the ground as you could) then two foot jump for another couple meters, did one burpy and sprinted back and the other two went.

When it finally was announced who was made it into sports commity Ethan and I got in and Giorgi, well she is just Giorgi.