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Thursday, 27 September 2012

helmets on scooters

When people see me on my scooter rocking my helmet they laugh or say I'm not good enough at scootering to wear it. But really I wear it for safety.

Now I know helmets don't look awesome. but if you're at the skate park on a scooter and you get hit buy a biker you can get an easy concussion if you are wearing a helmet any way, but if you wernt well, I don't think you will be scootering for a while. 

It's like helmets on bikes because of all the crazy things that kids do on scooters these days. I think kids don't wear helmets on scooters because they think it's stupid and ugly.

The point of this thing of writing is to convince scooterers    
to wear helmets.

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  1. I love your pursuasive writing in this. Well done! You need to do a little proof reading and editing - but otherwise - well done. A very good arguement.


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