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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Diary Entry - Skulduggery Pleasant

Dear diary

My uncle's sudden death came as a shock to everyone  but the biggest surprise was what he gave me. My uncle's name was Gordon and he wrote horror fiction. He didn't do much except write but most of the family still loved him anyway.

Uncle Gordon gave me his house and everything in it plus all his money even though I'm only 12! My uncle always told me that something great would happen to me someday.

Last night someone broke in to the house while I was alone. Skulduggery came out of nowhere and saved me. I saw his face for the first time, no skin nor flesh just bone. He summoned fire and lit the criminal ablaze, then shot him with his revolver.

To read more about my adventures with Skulduggery read the book Skulduggery Pleasant.


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  1. Hi Jono
    Congratulations on being the first person to publish their weekly blog post. I like that you have organized your work into paragraphs, told the audience a bit about an important event in the book and hooked the reader into finding out more about your character's adventures at Skullduggery Pleasant. A That's Tops card is coming your way!

    I wonder why the Uncle left money for the character Stephanie and how the rest of the family must be feeling about this.

    Stephanie (the teacher, not the skullduggery character!)


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