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Monday, 7 May 2012

diary entry #2

Dear diary

When I first Got to camp half-blood (a camp for demigods) I didn't know what to expect I didn't even know who my mother was but that all changed.

I found out that my mum was a Greek god and that I had to go on a mission to save my dad from a giant and save a god but only my two best friends Jason and Leo could come with me. Leo found an old robot dragon and it flew us to San Fransisco where it crashed and died.

On the way to the giant we met a few wind gods and nearly got killed by them. After we killed the giant we still to free Hera (the god that got captured.)

To hear more about my adventure read the book Hero's Of Olumpis The Lost Hero.


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  1. Hi Jono
    Thanks for submitting your blog post so quickly. I like that you've kept a similar format to last week and organized your writing so well. You might want to make sure that you've completed a spell check on your work before publishing.

    What kind of book do you think Heroes of Olympus is? Why do you think so.



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