I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

enquiry project

I contributed in the enquiry project by helping with the planning the project and I helped with the content. The thing I'm most proud of in the project was that we found out that some chewing gum has whale blubber in it. Next time I will put a lot more effort into the next time I do a project like this one. 

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Five tips to surviving intermediate

22 Fluff lane
Lollipop land

Room 15
Tawa Intermediate


Hey you newbies

My name is Jono and this is my five steps to surviving intermediate. You will need them because intermediate is kinda hard.  

1. You need to have friends so when something bad happens you have people to stand up for you.

2. Bring lots of food because you will get hungry and people probably won't give you any.

3. You don't have to like everyone.

4. Try to get merits. You can get them for doing extra sports like cricket or rugby 7's and academies, art, band, drama and dance.  

5. And most of all, have fun.

But remember that it's only intermediate so don't freak out. Oh and if you have any secrets DON'T share them.

Yours faithfully


Thursday, 18 October 2012

awesome poem

awesome awesome awesome what rimes with awesome, 
there's an ice-cream that is called awesome 4some!
Ice-cream has nothing to do with awesome but I put it in,
because it sometimes lives in a tin!
cool movies can sometimes be gore-some! 

Thursday, 27 September 2012

helmets on scooters

When people see me on my scooter rocking my helmet they laugh or say I'm not good enough at scootering to wear it. But really I wear it for safety.

Now I know helmets don't look awesome. but if you're at the skate park on a scooter and you get hit buy a biker you can get an easy concussion if you are wearing a helmet any way, but if you wernt well, I don't think you will be scootering for a while. 

It's like helmets on bikes because of all the crazy things that kids do on scooters these days. I think kids don't wear helmets on scooters because they think it's stupid and ugly.

The point of this thing of writing is to convince scooterers    
to wear helmets.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

the ratings on movies

All Movies have ratings. You could watch an R18 movie and be 7 years old. Most parents would not like that at all, but lots of people do watch movies that they shouldn't and think it's awesome. It's not. 

I know tonnes of kids that do watch movies they shouldn't and it changes the way they act and it's always bad. Best case scenario they would start swearing, worst case scenario they don't talk at all. I think the reason lots of kids do it is because they think that other people will think they are cool but in reality it changes them... a lot.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Steve and Bores


"Hey Bores," said Steve, "what are you up to?"
"Hi Steve, I'm doing my home work  before I get home." Said Bores glumly.
"Do you want some help with your home work?" 
Bores thought for a second, then said, "yeah. That would be great, thanks."
"No problem Bores." Though Steve was only trying to be nice.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Tigger and Ted

There once was a tiger named Tigger and a teddy bear called Ted. One day Tigger and Ted were having a peaceful conversation about apples but then they started fighting about what apple tasted better... "Red apples taste better." said Tigger, 
"No green are better!" yelled Ted,
"YA WANNA BET YOU FAT TEDDY BEAR!" Shouted Tigger, "COME AT ME... you... uh... tiger that bounces on it's tail" said Ted,
"Sorry, correction you're a fat teddy bear that can't think of insults and is scared of thunder!" If teddy bears could turn red in the face that's what Ted did. 
"I'LL KILL YOU!" Screamed Ted and what happened after that well I don't want to into it so that's it, Jono out. 

Thursday, 30 August 2012

ki o rahi (did you know)

Ki o Rehi was created as a peaceful way of resolving disputes between whanau, hapu and iwi. It was played for many centuries before the arrival of Europeans, however colinal influence meant that by 1870 most traditional including Ki o Rahi had been baned, rugby was introduced as history shows Maori took to it and excelled.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Nate http://tisnateb2012.blogspot.co.nz/Nate

Hi I'm a snowflake, I don't have a name so yea. My family and I decided to come down on New Zealand one day. I landed at some guy Nate's house. Him and a few others decided to throw me around then I died. YAY!!!   

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

winter wonderland

Last year a couple of days back Wellington got hit by SNOW, of all the things that happen in Wellington it was SNOWING! Well on that day I was gocarting but I only noticed it was snowing when we got out of the gocarting place. We went and got

Thursday, 9 August 2012

My big race

"On your mark, get set, GO!

That's what he said when he shot the starting gun. 

We dived into the pool and I swam as hard as I could because I REALLY wanted to get into the Olympics. My whole family was watching so I couldn't let them down. 

I bet you can guess what sport I do, I'm a swimmer but my name does not need to be known at this point of time. Oh and the guy who started us off was my Dad but back to the race. I had finished the first length and saw that I was coming first, I was so happy that I sprinted to the end and came out with an ear to ear grin. I had made it to the Olympics! 

Friday, 27 July 2012

Milky the milk bottle

Once upon a time there was a milk bottle called Milky.

None of the other milk bottles  liked him because he stank like the dump (that's where he he lived). The other reason no one liked him was because he had only been used once (the other milk bottles had been used well over 30 times).

Monday, 7 May 2012

diary entry #2

Dear diary

When I first Got to camp half-blood (a camp for demigods) I didn't know what to expect I didn't even know who my mother was but that all changed.

I found out that my mum was a Greek god and that I had to go on a mission to save my dad from a giant and save a god but only my two best friends Jason and Leo could come with me. Leo found an old robot dragon and it flew us to San Fransisco where it crashed and died.

On the way to the giant we met a few wind gods and nearly got killed by them. After we killed the giant we still to free Hera (the god that got captured.)

To hear more about my adventure read the book Hero's Of Olumpis The Lost Hero.


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Diary Entry - Skulduggery Pleasant

Dear diary

My uncle's sudden death came as a shock to everyone  but the biggest surprise was what he gave me. My uncle's name was Gordon and he wrote horror fiction. He didn't do much except write but most of the family still loved him anyway.

Uncle Gordon gave me his house and everything in it plus all his money even though I'm only 12! My uncle always told me that something great would happen to me someday.

Last night someone broke in to the house while I was alone. Skulduggery came out of nowhere and saved me. I saw his face for the first time, no skin nor flesh just bone. He summoned fire and lit the criminal ablaze, then shot him with his revolver.

To read more about my adventures with Skulduggery read the book Skulduggery Pleasant.


Thursday, 29 March 2012

Room 15's assembly

Two weeks ago was room 15's assembly. There was the pink poakai fairys, te tawa news, the kindness boomerang and room 14's norm video. My favourite bit was te tawa news because I was in it and it was fun. I talked with Courtny and Lachy was the camera-man for te tawa news.

My least favourite thing at the assembly was the pink poakai fairys. The most embarssing thing at the assembly for me was when they played the kindness boomerang but I don't know why. But all together the assembly was pretty fun to put together and alot of people liked it. Thanks for reading.